Sunday, August 16, 2009

Easy VCS

I discovered for myself (as I think many others did in the recent years) the benefits of using distributed version control systems for home-grown projects. Mercurial (which I'm using now) is the one which is really fast to grasp and to use. Initial setup is extremely simple (will talk about Windows one)
  1. Download it
  2. Run hg init inside project you're going to version control
  3. [Optional step] Put .hgignore to your project folder. (see this page)
  4. Run hg add to mark all project files to be managed by Mercurial
  5. Run hg commit to commit your first revision
And that is it! Sure you will have to tune it a bit afterward (e.g set up HGEDITOR env variable to use your favorite editor for editing commit messages), and learn some of its commands, but if you're going to use it for personal projects their number will be really-really small: something like hg log, hg update, hg remove, hg rename (as I'm talking about personal projects, I suppose most of you will not want to branch your project.. but if you will then you will have to learn more commands :P)

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